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Impact of ICT on libraries and librarians

Impact of ICT on libraries and librarians.

Computer has brought in a new impact to the library and information usage. In libraries, information technology has assisted library professionals to provide value added quality information service and give more remote access to the inter-nationally available information resources. Today’s highly sophisticated information technology to facilitate the storage of huge amounts of data or information in a very compact space. Information technologies promise fast retrieval of stored information and revolutionize our concepts of the functions of a traditional library and a modern information center. Recently technological developments have dramatically changed the mode of library operations and services. Modern ICT is impacting on various aspects of libraries and the information professions. Advancements in ICT and wide spreads use of ICT is resulting in digital information sources and digital media replacing and becoming the dominate from of information storage and retrieval. The term library no longer refers only to physical buildings located in a specific geographic location but also to electronic or digital or virtual libraries that can be accessed from anywhere. Library collection consists not only physical information resources such as books, periodicals, videos, films and many more, stored in physical library buildings, but also include digital resources. Access to digital information resources is not restricted to specified hours and days of the week at one physical library building. The proliferation of digital information available over the Internet, intranets and extranets is resulting into libraries and information centers losing their former place as the focus of the information environment in many organizations. Libraries are becoming one of the many information systems available to information end-users. ICT also survives and makes true the rules of Library Science-‘Every readers his/her books/information,’ ‘Save the time of the readers,’ and ‘Library is a growing organism’. ICT with its tremendous information sources, rapid transmission speed and easy access ensures the satisfaction of the user with complex demand, break down the distance barrier and shortened the time required and ensure the right information to the right reader at the right time. It also increases and solves the libraries demand of collection development. It is really an excellent tool for the library and information centers.


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