Audio Visual Materials is an techniques and which involves the sense of vision as well a s hearing. It is usually used in presentation prepared by the businessman to show graphs on the study of the company, college/university students to their reports and especially the teacher who use audio visual materials to clearly explain the lesson to the students.AVMS
Audio Visual Aids:
Audio visual aids are any device which can be used to make the learning experience more concrete, more realistic and more dynamic.
Audio visual aid is the combination of two media:
  • Auditory aids: Any instructional device that can be heard but not seen. E.g. Tape record, Microphones, Ear phones etc..
  • Visual aids: Any instructional device that can be seen, but not heard. Slide, film strips etc..
Purpose of Audio Visual Aids:
  • Best motivation.
  • Clear image.
  • Save energy and time.
  • Antidote of the disease of verbal instructions.
  • Capture attention.
  • reinforcement to learner.
  • Positive transfer of learning.
  • Gain & hold student interest.
  • Increase understanding and retention.
  • Stimulate the development of understanding and attitudes.

Functions of Audio visual aides:

  • They supply a concrete basis for conceptual thinking and hence, reduce meaningless word response of students.
  • They have high degree of interest for students.
  • They make learning more permanent.
  • They offer a reality of experience which stimulate self activity on the part of pupil.
  • Develop continuity of though; this is especially true of motion pictures.
  • They provide experience not easily obtained through other materials and contribute to the efficiency, depth and variety of learning.
Use of Audio Visual materials in education:
  • Students will gain knowledge of the latest in evolving theoretical and practical application in the communication field utilizing various resources and methods of inquiry.
  • Students will grow intellectually in their oral and written communication and critical thinking skills.
  • Student will become aware of the ethical and spiritual implications of communication on a diverse and global level.
  • Student will be knowledgeable of the latest in technology, software applications, and visual communication skills with the ability to demonstrate the skills in using technology.

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