Is Sociology a science?

Sociology as a Science:

Science has been defined by the Marriam web-star Dictionary as:-‘knowledge of trend through study or practice.”

Using this definition sociology can be classified as a science as it is a field of study that has been developed to obtained knowledge about society and human social behaviors through the study of society and individuals within societies. Sociology is a relatively new branch of Science, at-list when compared to the hard science subject like Chemistry and astronomy. Whoever, this does not make it any less worthy of the classification of a science.

  • As a social science:- one of the brightest areas of study within sociology is the areas of social science. Social science is the study of social relationships. This field studies human relationships at every social level including person, family, business, community, state, national and world. This field is important as it helps to explain why we develop the types of relationships that we do, and how this relationship impact the function of society as a hold.
  • As a criminology:- Criminology is another field of study under the sociology grading. It is the study of abnormal social behaviors that are classified as crimes against society. Criminology examines criminal behaviors and the steps that society take to deter and punish this behavior. This is an interesting field of study that has many practical applications.
  • Demography:- Demography is one of the more non sub-fields of study under the classification of sociology. Demography is the study of specific Characteristic that defined a specific population. These characteristics include the size of the population. The sex-ratios within the population, the ages of the members of the population, where people leaves, what they do to make a leaving and there educational background. This information is very important and is usually collected by governments and by other agencies.
  • Psephology (The statistical study of voting):- Psephology is one of the lesser non sub-fields of sociology. It studies election trends. These trends include how people in certain states vote, how people with specific demographic profiles vote and how certain generations vote. This information can be used to make election predictions or to find constituent to target for political campaigning and fund raising.
  • Sociometry:- sociometry is a unique sub-field in the field of sociology. It measures various Characteristics of social behaviors to create a qualitative analysis of the behaviors. Frequency and severity of the behaviors are common quantitative factors that are measured in sociometry.
  • Structural sociology:- Structural sociology   as its name suggests is a study of the structures found within society. This structure includes family unit structures, social structures and government structures. This field of science has developed a body of knowledge that’s indicates that institutions and social structure are given a higher priority from humans then individuals. This is an interesting theory to ponder when studying human behaviors and sociology.
  • Sociology is a science: It is dedicated to developing a body of knowledge that’s describes society and its internal structures and system. It is a young science, but one that is important to our understanding, of what makes the human experience so unique and complicated.


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