Meaning of Knowledge Classification?

The universe of knowledge consists of an infinite number of entries which are now unknown. Those which are unknown will become known in future.

Therefore, a scheme of classification should have Infinite hospitality to accommodate newly entries are array and chains.

Special features of Knowledge Classification:

  • Knowledge classification is a basis of Book Classification.
  • Classification starts with knowledge. If there is no knowledge, there is no classification.
  • All knowledge could be systematically mapped out according to the recognized rules of division to form a complete classification of ideas.
  • There is a true order of the science.
  • It is a philosophical basis for library classification.
  • It is followed by intellectual climate and evolutionary order or order of nature. It is an order of progression from simple to complex things.


Knowledge classification is considered as over. As a theoretical approach, it is:

  • Relatively broad.
  • Neglecting principles of subject analysis.
  • Order of nature is restricted field.
  • Not a practical approach.


  • It is a record of work on paper or other material.
  • It is fit for physical handling.
  • It is transportable.
  • It can be preserved through time.


  • Handwritten;
  • Printed;
  • Typed;
  • Means of communication (sound recording, photographic production).


  • Books;
  • Periodicals;
  • Maps;
  • Sound recording;
  • Others.

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