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Librarianship as a profession.

Venkatasubbarao, M. (2013)

The art and science of managing libraries are called “Librarianship”. The essential function of librarianship is to make available “information” in its widest sense, serving leisure as well as work needs, for the benefit of people seeking day to day information. Librarianship essentially concerns the problem of storage, retrieval, and access to documents, in other words, information.Library resource selection

It basically refers to:

1. Document collection development.

2. Technical processing for the organization of documents.

3. Providing reference and bibliographic access to documents.

4. Providing physical facilities for reading.

5. Handling the different states of knowledge behaviour of the users of the library.

“Profession means an occupation, especially on requiring extensive education in a branch of science. A Librarian does not only come into contact with covers of knowledge but also experiences the pleasure and thrill of providing the right information to the right person at the right time. Librarianship thus can be a great profession for those who enter it with the seriousness of purpose”.

Librarianship is, definitely, an occupation, which demands specialized knowledge and skills. Its study is based on a systematic theory that delineates and supports the skills that characterize the profession. It has its professional organizations that promote excellence in the work of the members, influence public sentiment and support and try to raise it to a position of dignity and social standing.

Original Reference Article:

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