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Librarianship as a profession

Libraries are now universally recognized as important social institutions, no community is considered complete without a library. The gradual spread of the concept of democracy, education, the intensification of search activities, the rapid increase in production of recorded knowledge, have led to the expansion of libraries and the development of their services. A library is an important element of a community; an academic library is an essential part of an educational institution school, college or university; a business and industrial organization.
Librarianship is a growing field, which has by now attained the status of a separate discipline in the universe of knowledge. It presents challenges and interesting situations to library personnel. The management of these libraries needs persons with good academic and professional qualification proficiency in one the natural science, social science or the humanities is helpful in the professional development of a librarian. Library work is primarily a social service, and therefore, needs young man and women with a sense of dedication and a spirit of service.. Those intending to enter the library profession should satisfy themselves that they possess the academic qualification and the sense of vocation that would enable them to work successfully as librarians.
Librarianship as a profession provides a variety of employment opportunities. In fact, it is possible to choose the kind of library to suit one’s interest and background. Persons with a superior record high qualification can achieve high position. The salaries in College University libraries are comparable to those teachers.

Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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