Librarianship : Definition

Librarianship has been roughly defined as the practice of collecting, Preserving and organizing graphic and printed records and making them useful.
According to Encyclopedia of Librarianship as : Librarianship as “The collection, Preservation, Organization and use of recorded communication.”

IRWIN defined Librarianship as “that branch of learning which has to do with the recognition, Collection, Organization and utilization of graphic or printed records.

Purposes of Librarianship.
Some of the main purposes of librarianship profession are as:
  1. To acquire and collect recorded knowledge of human beings.
  2. To preserve recorded knowledge to an organize method.
  3. To accelerate research and development activities of nation.
  4. To act as a service provider of information dissemination.
  5. Librarianship workers as the agencies of continuing education.
  6. To establish communication link in the society.
  7. To preserve national and cultural heritage.Promotion or stimulation reading habit.


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