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Library Accession Register :: Definition

Library Accession Register / Record.

Every year the library authority collects new books or other materials from various sources for a library. When those materials arrived at the hand of the librarian then he keeps a permanent record of those materials on a register book. This register books are known as accession register. This register has some specific fields, such as accession number, date of arrival, author, call number, supplier name, supplier address, publisher name, place of publisher, price of the book, etc. and this information may vary from library to library

Figure: Library Accession Register Sample.
Harrods Librarian’s Glossary and Reference Book define accession register as:
The chief record of the stock added to a library. Items are numbered progressively as they are added to stock.
(Archives) The formal records of accessions of archival material received by an Archives service, in which information on the immediate source and the broader provenance of the material is preserved permanently. In such cases the accessions register is an essential record, since it preserves evidence of the provenance of material received.


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  1. How the books are entered in accession register of the library?
    a. Alphabetical. b. Classification
    c. Date wise according to their receipt
    d. Serial wise according to the invoice received

    1. Answer is d. Serial wise according to the invoice received. All the book are entered according to serial number assigned by the library authority when they arrived at the library called Accession Number and this number is unique to all materials.

  2. Hello,
    I am working in a school library. Every year we got the reference books from various publishers. The older copy of the same publishers are discarded from the accession register. Can i replace it with the new updated copy with increased price with the same accession number?

    1. Thank you for your question.
      As you already know accession number is assigned against a new book when it first arrived in the library. And this number is unique for every book. This number also shows how rich your library collection is. It’s not a good idea to replace the old one with a new copy.

  3. Good Afternoon Sir! Do I need to record the Specimen books given by different publishers in each academic session in a different register?
    Do I have to make a separate register for donated items i.e. book & non-book material ? or will be included in accession register? but we have learned the only purchased books are to be entered in accession register.

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