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Library Automation (Bangla Video Lecture)

Library Automation Bangla Video Lecture:

Lecture Provided by: Barnali Roy Choudhury
You can able to learn from this Video tutorial:Practical Automation

  • What is Library Automation?
  • Why computer used on library for automation?
  • Why library Automation?
  • History of Library Automation?
  • OPAC Interface.
  • Library Automation Software.
  • E-Library, Virtual Library, Automated Library.
  • Benefits of Library Automation.
  • Automation process of a Traditional Library.
  • Library Management Software used in Library Automation.
  • Integrated Library Management Software.
  • Library Automation Software selection criteria.
  • Automation Software module.

Part 1:


Video credit: NSOU – Audio Visual Resources


An overview of Library Automation:

Information technology has been one of the main factors causing change in the way people communicate, locate, retrieve, and use information. Libraries and information centers have adopted the new technologies more profoundly than many other fields and most of them are using electronic products and services. In the age of information explosion, libraries and information resource centers have become multimedia centers due to adoption of new technological devices and changing nature of their information storage, retrieval, services and management. During the recent years, the computer and telecommunication technologies began to build up an information society, which has crossed the geographical limitations and has provided facilities to access into global information systems. As a result, nature of modem librarianship has changed considerably with the advent of new technologies. In fact, ‘automation’ has become an indispensable part of modern library’s information systems development, organization, management and services. In the present age of information, automation has been making tremendous impact on different sectors of libraries and information centers. In view of complex and multi-faceted user requirements, this results in numerous specialization and flow of non-stop information, decreasing comprehensive acquisition of documents for libraries, growing demands of information, increasing number of users, etc. Automation has been playing a vital role in improving the capabilities of libraries/information centers towards attaining satisfaction of their users. In the IT society, people’s requirements and expectations to the libraries are different from those so far. Libraries must be the growing organism for providing better services to their patrons.


Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.


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