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Library Committee Definition

Library Committee definition:

The library committee consists of a group of persons who are empowered to do certain jobs relating to library and administration. The library committee includes a chairman, a secretary, members or a convener or members. The library committee which has an enormous power to select the personnel, to acquisition books and journals, responsible for fund raising etc. The committee members though working closely with the librarian but it has some collective powers to run a library smoothly.
Definition of library committee:
W.H Newman, ”A committee consists of a group of people specially designated to perform some administrative work”.
Krishan Kumar, ”A library committee is a body or an organization consisting of persons assigned a particular job”.

Brian Young, “A library committee is such a body which is responsible for all the matters pertaining to the efficient library management”.

The library committee may be defined as the body or persons that deals with library activities. The library committee plays an effective and important role to run the library efficiently.
Types of library committee:

A library may have a number of committees depending upon its size and number of activities and operations. The entire library committee can be broadly classified into following six kinds.Library Committee

1. Self-perpetuating committee:

It is created by the particular statue which established the library itself. It is practically independent having sole authority as regards the control and management of the library. It has not report to any other higher body about its activities.
2. Nominated/elected committee:
It is a smaller body nominated or elected by a large committee or by authorities for looking after certain bodies under it. It delegates certain functions to such a committee.
3. Executive committee:
It is a committee with delegated powers by the authority. This committee is one which has full powers in those matters which are delegated to it and it need not report to its decisions to the library authority.
4. Reporting committee:
It has got powers to decide the policies within certain limits and its decisions do not require confirmation of the supreme authority but are simply reported to the authority for its information.
5. Recommending Committee:
It has no real power but it can recommend certain proposals for governing the library which are subject to the approval of the library authority.
6. Adhoc committee:
It is a special committee for the supervision and control of libraries. This committee is or less independent, this committee is also called statutory committee. It takes decisions expeditiously. It can co-opt men of intellect and foresight. Such a committee may also mean a special committee for performing a special job.
Necessity of Library committee:
  1. The librarian requires the library committee to interpret the needs of the library to the committee.
  2. In the absence of a library committee, the librarian would find himself defenseless and unprotected, so the library committee may serve as a safe guard of a librarian.
  3. To overcome financial troubles, the library committee is too much necessary.
  4. Working as an active member of a library committee a librarian can prove himself as an efficient administrators.
  5. The committee assesses the financial needs of the library in accordance with the national library standards.
  6. The committee ensures understanding between the readers and the library policies.
  7. The committees having strong voice can easily convince the authorities and the public.
  8. Keep the librarian alert.
  9. Helps the librarian in the smooth functioning of the library.
  10. Appoint qualified and efficient librarian.
Power and Functions of Library Committee:

Powers and functions of a library committee vary according to its nature.The library committees generally serve the following purposes.

Library building: A library committee should ensure that a library building is properly decorated, structured, functional, situated centrally and have necessary arrangement for efficient management.

Library furniture and fittings: Library committee also ensure that adequate, standard and comfortable without any dislocation or wastage of money or space.

Library staff: Library committee will fix the needed number of staff, their salary scale, promotions and other regulations related to staff development. They will determine certain principles and formulas that will encourage the intellectual and capable person to enter into the profession.

Library finance and book collection: The library committee will raise enough funds for purchasing books and making the collection rich and suitable for the committee to be served. If necessary they will appoint sub-committee for the job.

Library rules: Efforts should be made by the library committee to frame a set of library rules that will be flexible to suit the needs of the readers.

Library accounts and audit: Proper machinery should be established by the library committee to check the library account. It may appoint an accounts sub-committee for auditing the accounts.

Library acts and rules: A library committee should keep library acts and rules up-to-date. The rules and acts which depend on the nature of library must be kept in mind.

Standard library service: A library committee should put in its best efforts to secure full coverage and standard library service by opening new branches and by providing more books and staff numbers.

Library cooperation: A library committee should find out ways and means of securing cooperation between various branches within a locality and between other authorities especially educational ones.

Library policies: It should lay down a policy for the guidance of the librarian for general day-to-day administration of the library.



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