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Musheer Ahmad Khan (2013)

Reserve Room Service

The reserve collection is the name given in academic libraries to the collection of books and other materials that are kept in a controlled collection and circulated for short time periods, such as a few hours or a few days. Reserve service guarantees that assigned material will be available for students to use when it is needed. Reserve rooms are also used to protect high risk, item that is, material that is likely to be mutilated or stolen if placed on the open shelves. Reserve Room Service

This is done at the request of the teaching faculty, who make the request because they want the students to use materials that either are not readily available for purchase or that cost more than the professor thinks appropriate. While the reserve items are usually placed in the reserve collection for use during just one semester, some items are in continuing demand and are placed on “permanent” reserve. In a college library, the reserve collection is usually the responsibility of the circulation section. The reserve collection is traditionally separated from the regular collection and kept either behind the circulation desk or in a special reserve room. Some libraries in the past had a separate reserve reading room. Reserve collections may also be used for materials that the college wishes to make available to the general college community (special reports, for example), or for student works that are in limited supply and general demand such as entries for writing contest. Some reserve collections also are asked to incorporate and circulate nontraditional materials, such as rock collections, media kits, audiovisual materials, and computer software. A distinctive “call number” needs to be assigned to each item so that the items can be shelved and retrieved accurately, and so that the checkout records are unambiguous as to who has what.

A reserve room operates likes a mini library within the larger institution. The staff accept reserve request from teachers and faculty to remove books from the stacks and make photocopies of or scan requested items, bind loose materials and house the material in a restricted area .Staff make sure copy guide lines are followed, prepare bibliographic aids to facilitate access to the collection, checks items in and out , administer fines and billing.

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