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“Translation” means a written work expressed in a language other than the language in which it was originally composed. The purpose of translation is to make a document accessible to those who have insufficient knowledge of a language to be able to comprehend the text in its original form.

One of the main characteristics of modern science is said to be its international nature. The results of these modern scientific research and observations are published in number of languages, from a number of countries. Unless some effective mechanism is created for getting over this language barrier internationalization of scientific communication is likely to remain more as an ideal than reality. Translation Service

Translation service was developed as one of the facets of documentation, which plays a very important role in dissemination and application of knowledge. Today, scientific literature is publishing in various forms, subjects and languages. Recorded knowledge fails to be utilized fully if there is obstacle in its communication between individuals who read and write different languages. The solo researchers with the knowledge of one or two foreign languages cannot cope up with the turbulence’s of literature produced on different parts in different aspects in various languages in the world.

Translation services is an important service provided by the libraries and translation helps enhancing the use of documents. Under translation service the library patron generally requests the library to make the translation of the required article which is in the language other than they understand. Translation service is a highly intellectual activity and it requires qualified staff having knowledge of the language.

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Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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