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Methods of resource sharing in Library

The time has arrived, when the concept of resource sharing would envelope all basic library functions. Right from acquisition to storage and issue of material, co-operative action is feasible and has a useful role to play.
Joint action should be practiced in acquisition and utilization of information resources. Ownership and use should be on a joint basis. Subscription to journals and other serials can be co-ordinated, so that duplication may be avoided as far as possible. Duplicate holdings should be freely exchanged between the libraries.
Catalogues can be prepared co-operatively, so as to produce union catalogues of books, serials, etc. Co-operation is necessary in the realms of abstracting. Current Awareness Service and Selective Dissemination of information service also.
Inter library loan should be a regular exercise between the participating libraries. There should be an information highway between the member libraries. Reference and referral services should be part of a resource sharing programme. Document delivery and full text delivery through electronic media and other means would from part of a resource sharing program.

Reference: Sujatha, G. (1999). Resource Sharing and Networking of University Libraries. Ess Ess Publications.



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