Micro-form and its selection policy in Library

Micro-form definition:
Microforms are tremendous invention of modern technology. It is generic term that includes all form of materials photographed and reduced in size. It is a miniature creation that is reduced printed matter to small size on film which is also very small in size.

Usefulness of Micro-form in Library:

  1.  Microform copies can easily be made.
  2. They can save storage space.
  3. Binding may not be seemed as problem.
  4. It is less expensive than book.
  5. Microforms edition are never out of print and they are durable.

Selection policies of Micro-forms in Library:

  1. It should be selected according to the objectives of the library.
  2. It should be observed that how these are helpful to the readers.
  3. It should be considered its image magnification format, durability and the polarity.


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