Non-Book library materials and their selection policy

Non-Book materials and their selection policy:

Libraries play a vital role to provide information to the users. Thus the libraries need some reading materials such as books, periodicals, journals, magazines, dictionaries, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, microfiche’s and so on.

Non-Book Library Materials Definition:

There are many reading materials available in a library or in an information center. These can be figured as:

Non book materials are those printed and non items of knowledge excluding books.

In the Harrods Librarian Glossary, non book materials is define as “Those library materials which do not come within the definition of book and which require special handling, i.e. audio-visual materials, vertical file materials, mocro-form or computer software”.

Encyclopedia Britannica, Materials those can not be published or distributed as the traditional format and need special handling”.

So it is clear that, non book materials do not occupy the usual book format and published in different format.



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