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Objectives and Functions of Engineering College Library

Objectives of the Engineering College Library:

Main objectives of the Management of the Engineering colleges are:

1. To promote quality of the Engineering Education.
2. To provide classroom instruction to the students.
3. To provide good laboratory facilities.
4. To provide good library facilities.

The college library is primarily a teaching instrument and as such the objectives of the college library is mainly based on objectives of the college itself. The college library is part of the institutions, which, according to S.R. Ranganathan, performs the following:

a) The acquisition of the minimum essentials of factual information and an instruction to the methods of thought and work in some selected fields of knowledge, and
b) The mastery of the subject matter, techniques skills and habits of thought and methods of work is the subject of specialization.

In General, the College Library has the following objectives:

a) To promote the records of human knowledge and to keep them updated in accordance with the growing needs and requirements of the users of today and tomorrow.

b) To provide individual and group guidance to the readers in the use of library resources with demonstration and how to procure information.

c) To furnish the students with background material on the work to be done in the class and laboratory thus supplements the instructional programme of the college.

d) To encourage the students to develop for self-education and to introduce them to various types of documents and other media with many sharpen their memory and intellect and many contribute to their personality development.

e) To assist the teaching staff in organizing the syllabus and methods of teaching, and

f) To keep the teaching staff, the latest developments in the fields of their interests and emergence of new subjects reflected the field of their interests, study and research.

Functions of Engineering College Libraries

Bearing in mind, external factors and consolidation organisation have to seek to achieve the aims and objectives of the library. First, the library is the heart of education. Every education advance depends upon its resources and in larger measure, the degree of advance is appropriate to the potential of the library to respond.

Secondly, methods and fashions in education change from generation to generation. But each generation uses the library as a means of realizing its aims. Hence the library remains a great conservator of learning. An investment in a library is a permanent investment. The library is too essential to the maintenance of ideas and to the centralized functioning and thus, the library is the hub if there is free access educational activity in a college. It is the heart of the college. A library work is not a job but a sacred trust. It is a laboratory of humanities. A college library is a reading center for breasting and enjoying books. Without good library, there can be no good college. Books in college library are dead unless they are used. The total educational process in the college must be library oriented.

The U.G.C. Committee (1958)10 headed by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan stated the functions of a library and its staff of affiliated colleges and universities. They are:

a) The Librarian and his team have duty to discharge towards the research staff. They should keep themselves posted with the latest books, new periodicals and projecting new through researchers, so that the research became purposeful.

b) The librarian and staff play a very important role in improvement of teaching standards. This can be done by guiding the teachers to latest books. Disseminating information providing them with abstracts and articles in periodicals and the like.

c) The foremost duty of the librarian is to be the constant. Watch over the knowledge expansion of information. He has to keep a vigilant track make it is his prime duty, acquire important and latest additions with great care.


Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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