Is Sociology a science?

September 14, 2013 Md. Ashikuzzaman 0

Sociology as a Science: Science has been defined by the Marriam web-star Dictionary as:-‘knowledge of trend through study or practice.” Using this definition sociology can be classified as a science as it is a field of study that has been developed to obtained knowledge about society and human social behaviors through the study of society [Read More..]

Nature of Sociology

September 14, 2013 Md. Ashikuzzaman 0

Nature of Sociology According to Robert Bierstedt:    Sociology is the branch of knowledge and it has its own characteristics. Sociology has different nature in society. It is different from other sciences in certain respects. The following are the main characteristics of sociology as enlisted by Robert Bierstedt in his book ” The Social Order” and [Read More..]

The Tripartite Theory of Knowledge

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The Tripartite Theory of Knowledge: There is a tradition that goes back as far as Plato that holds that three conditions must be satisfied in order for one to possess knowledge. This account, known as the tripartite theory of knowledge, analyses knowledge as justified true belief. The tripartite theory says that if you believe something, [Read More..]

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Difference between organization, management and administration

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Difference between organization, management and administration: Organization, management and administration –these three concept are different from each other. Possible difference are given below: Organization Administration Management 1. Organization’s business is to connect works and staff of an institution 1. Administration’s work is to set/decide the aim and ethics/law of an institution 1. Management’s aim is [Read More..]

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Functions of Librarianship

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Librarianship definition:   Librarianship has been roughly defined as the practice of collecting, Preserving and organizing graphic and printed records and making them useful. Encyclopedia of Librarianship “The collection, Preservation, Organization and use of recorded communication”. Function of Librarianship: The basic function of Librarianship may be categorized into three main groups. Acquisition. Organizing/Processing. Dissemination. 1. [Read More..]