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Parameters of information for education

Parameters of information:

Everything has some parameters and characteristics. In fact, the efficiency of anything depends on the evaluation, its nature, its quality, and its characteristics. Actually there is no parameters of information.

William F. William has noted six parameters of information in his book, “Principles of Automated Information Retrieval” (1965). These are as follow:

1.Quality of information;
2. Content of information;
3. Structure of information;
4. Language of information;
5. Quality of information;
6. Life of information.
  1. Quality of information: Quality information is one of the best aspects to measure the information. It can be measured by the number of documents, pages, words, characters, bits, drawings, charts, pictures, graphs and various instructions. 
  2. Content: The key of information is it content. The content of the information must be meaningful and understandable. The content should be clearly and properly explained. It is the mirror of a book. 
  3. Structure: Information can be measured by its structure. The format or organization of information and its logical relationship between statements or elements should be flexible.
  4. Language: Information should be published in a standard language so that greater access should be ensured. It must clear, understandable, grammatically correct, modern and scientific. 
  5. Quality: Quality is a significant part for measuring information. Quality, that which characterizes the completeness, accuracy, relevancy and timeliness of information.
  6. Life: Life, the total span of time which value can be derived from the information. Life of information depends on the demands and utility of information. Information must have wide range life and specific duration.

Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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