Periodicals Definition

What is periodicals?

Periodicals include journals, bulletins, transactions, proceeding or similar works, which appear regularly and continuously in numbered sequence. However, the newspaper and annual are excluded. The bulk of primary source literature appears in the form of periodicals. There are many periodicals which are exclusively devoted to reporting original research. The periodical article is the main means of communication for the exchange of scientific information. The same can be said about many other areas of knowledge.
It may be pointed out that an article in a journal would be considered a primary source if it contains information representing original thinking or a report of a new discovery of something. However, an article in the same journal would not be considered a primary sources of information, if it were to contain summary of finding of others or reports produced by other persons Information contained in periodicals is almost invariably more up-to-date than that appearing in books. Periodicals usually report the results of recent researches more quickly than books. Information on new processes and discoveries can appear in a periodical within weeks of their formulation. However, the same might take two to three year before the same can appear in book form.
If all the information appearing in periodicals was also covered in books then libraries would no longer be expected to maintain long files of back volumes of periodicals. The experience shows that most of the material reported in periodicals is never published in books.
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