Periodicals and it’s selection policy in Library


A periodical is a publication with distinctive title which appears at regular intervals. It contains articles by several contributors. periodicals provide continuous and latest information on particular topics. Periodicals are only sources of current materials that can not be often count in any other printed materials.

Usefulness of Periodicals in Library:

Periodicals are very useful library materials. the usefulness of it is illustrated here:
  1. Periodicals provide contemporary information on events, topics and matters of current interest.
  2. It provides supplementary information contained in books already published.
  3. It also provides ideas in the developing fields of politics, economics, sociology, science and technology and so on.
  4. Original works being first published in periodicals, they often contain writing on new subjects or on which the library has no books.
  5. it provides current bibliography of various subject fields.

selection policy for Periodicals in library:

The following selection criteria may be applied to choose a periodical for library:
  1. Considering the objectives of the library, periodicals should be selected to meet the accurate need of the users.
  2. Interest and needs of the authors and editors must be considered before selecting a periodical for acquisition.
  3. Selection depends on the demand of the libraries, because different libraries have different purposes and choices.
  4. The reputation of the authors and editors must be considered before selecting a periodical for acquisition.
  5. Demand of the periodicals must be given serious consideration.


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