Physical form of library catalogue and its type.

By physical form of library catalogue is meant its outer appearance. In other words outer appearance or format determines physical form of library catalogue. In arithmetical language it may be put as, Physical form of library catalogue = Library catalogue as it appears from outside.
Types of Physical form of Library catalogue.
There are four major physical forms of library catalogue.Catalogue
  • Card Catalogue or card form: A catalogue, the entries of which are made on cards of uniform size and quality, and stored in any desired order on their edges in drawers or other form of container, each card being restricted to a single entry and with details of class number or call number to enable the item to be found.
  • Book catalogue or book form: A catalogue produced in book form, also used as a synonym for Printed catalogue. Sometimes used synonymously for Page catalogue and ‘Book form catalogue’.
  • Guard Book catalogue or guard book form: One in which only a few entries are made on a page at first, with spaces left for the insertion of subsequent entries in correct order.
  • Shelf catalogue or shelf form: It is an variation of Guard Book catalogue.
There may be many more physical forms of library catalogue such as in the form of magnetic tape, microfilm, computerized form etc., but the above mentioned four forms are most popular and traditional.


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