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Principles of book selection for a library

Principles of book selection:

Book selection means to select the appropriate books for a library. It is the professional apex in librarianship. Its objective is to select the right books to the right reader at the time. Some principles are followed for book selection. Such as:

  1. To study clientele and know their general characteristics, special characteristics, cultural and racial elements, their professions and their like and dislikes.
  2. To be families with subject to present interest, local, national and international.
  3. To represents all subjects that apply to the communities, needs and interest.
  4. To give preference local history, literature, culture and heritage.
  5. To provide books for all organized groups.
  6. To provide books according to anticipating demands of potential readers.
  7. To avoid selection of obsolete and out-dated books those have no demands at all.
  8. To select great works of literature and some books of permanent value whether they are not in demand.
  9. To maintain impartiality discarding special hobbies or opinion.
  10. To accepts gifts in controversial or sectarian subjects with great caution.
  11. To provide books for specialist who work with give benefit to the whole nation. Not to go to build up a ‘complete collection’ but a ‘comprehensive collection, – the books on a subject, the best book of an author and the most useful books of a series.
  12. To give preference with caution to an inferior book that will be widely read over a superior book that will be dormant on the shelf.
  13. To keep abreast of the changing and current thoughts and opinions and give adequate representation to the scientific, social, cultural and intellectual forces that reshaping the modern work.
  14. To maintain promptness and regularity in selecting new books as far as possible.


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