Problems of Bibliographic services in Bangladesh.

Problems of Bibliographic services in Bangladesh:
The following are the factors which bring forth many problems for building up efficient bibliographic service in Bangladesh:
  1. Lack of trained persons and training facilities.
  2. Policy makers, administrators consultant dose not understand the importance of bibliographies.
  3. Lack of fund (finance).
  4. Insufficient number of library, bibliography and documentation center.
  5. Inadequacy of related materials like books, periodicals and other audio visual materials.
  6. Minimum status of the service holder in the profession.
  7. Lack of co-ordination among the existing library, bibliographical or documentation center.
  8. Incompleteness of information.
  9. Time lack.
  10. Lacking of interest among the scholars, scientist and researchers of the bibliographical services.
  11. Lack of comprehensiveness of their scope.
  12. Lack of proper Bibliographical center in the national library of Bangladesh.
  13. In absence of library legislation.
  14.  Lack of effective depository system.
  15. Lack of communication.
  16. Lack of inter-library co-operation.
  17. sharing the resources among the library or information center in Bangladesh.
  18. Lack of insufficient publications.
  19. In absence of info0rmation technology.
  20. In absenof proper preservation and conservation equipment.

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