Qualities of a book selector

Qualities of a Book Selector for a Library
The book selector can effectively, systematically and intelligently perform the job of book selection if he is equipped with the following qualities:
  1. The book selector must, with an open-mind, study the needs, demands and opinion of the community of readers served by the library.
  2. He should be sympathetic and should take keen interest in meeting the reading tastes of the readers.
  3. He should have high professional qualification, intensive and extensive training in the library techniques.
  4. He should be a lover of books.
  5. He should be broad minded and select books with tolerance.
  6. He should have full knowledge and detailed information about all the titles being currently published.
  7. He should have detailed knowledge of each writer’s work and their value.
  8. He should know the specialties, characteristics, good and bad points of all the publishers.
  9. He should know also what type of subject books are published by a particular publisher.
  10. He should have an insight, intelligence and skill of book selection work. He should have rich experience which enables him to evaluate or judge books that are suitable to different types of readers.
  11. The book selector should also have the knowledge or reputation of newly emerging authors.
  12. His urge should be to learn and know new things.
  13. He should be impartial and free from bias.
  14. He should present the reading interest and requirements of all individuals or groups.
  15. The book selector should be resourceful, should have good memory, clear thinking, tactfulness, astute judgement power and accurate selection and industrious.

Those who are actively engaged in book acquisition for effective library service should have a developed proficiency and vitality of the work by themselves.



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