Rajshahi University Central Library

Rajshahi University Central Library:
Rajshahi University of one of the second largest public university of Bangladesh located Rajshahi city. This university was established in July 6, 1953. It was the second university in Bangladesh when it was the part of East Pakistan. This university has 47 Departments, 9 faculties, nearly 26,000 students, 1,000 faculty members and many others opportunities. This university authority decided to open some new departments.
History of Rajshahi University Central Library:
Rajshahi University has a large central library namely as Rajshahi University Central Library, which was established in 1955. First the library started functioning at “Boro Kuthi” near the side of Padma River in the heart of Rajshahi City. And later the library shifting to its present location in 1964 at the university main campus with a great improvement in reading room and other facilities. This library has a own large building at the central point of the university so that any students can easily access to the library building very easily.
Library Collections:
This Library has a huge collections of Books, Reference books, Manuscripts, Audio Visual Materials, Microfilms, periodicals & journals. Besides this the library has access to many online journals. The students can access those journals through using university own network connections. The university authority buildup there own WiFi internet network access for the students without any cost. Internet speed of this network is up-to 4 Mbps. So students can fast access to the International journals from the network.
Collections of this library as a summarized form given below:
  1. Books: nearly 3 lakh 57 thousand 415 books in the
    library, and many new books added every year.
  2. Periodicals & Journals: Nearly 41 thousand 625
    journals/ periodicals printed copies.
  3. Maps: Nearly 127 maps, Including “Britannica Atlas” which was published 1764 A.D.
  4. Reference Section: Reference section includes about 6000 reference books.
  5. Miscellaneous: Beside this materials this library has a large collections of Microfilms, Audio Visual materials, etc..

Library Users:
This is an academic library, so all of the users of the library are the students, faculty member and researchers of Rajshahi University. It has about 25,000 active members and nearly 1,500 faculty members, officers and researchers of Rajshahi University. This library authority doesn’t allow any outside users to access into the library collections.
Everyday more than 2,000 students use the library reading room, reference room and newspaper section.

Library Reading Room

Library reading room:
The library has a three storied building. It has two large reading room with much space & air condition facility for the readers. Book racks are locate near the reading table, so that the user can easily collects their desired books from the shelves.

Classification scheme:
The library mainly use Browne classification scheme and also others if necessary.

Book lending:
Rajshahi University students can lend book from the library. One students can lend only three books at a time for one month. For this they have need to collect library cards. Without library card users can’t borrow books from the library.

Library Catalogue:
This library use both physical form and computerized catalogue cards.



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