Recommendation for the developments of Library Education

It appears from the findings of study that both the Library & Information Science (LIS) departments of public universities are trying to maintain the quality of Library & Information Science (LIS) education in Bangladesh. But all the LIS institutes of Bangladesh are not concern about quality education. It is also to be noted that their is no organization on the national level responsible for review, approval and accreditation of any programme including LIS education in Bangladesh. The University Grant Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh merely serves an advisory role.


In order to overcome the above problems the study is included with the following recommendation:
  • The infrastructural facilities in all LIS educational institutions in Bangladesh should be provided by the government as well as the authority of the concerned institution.
  • Adequate reading materials from textbooks of foreign journals both English in print and digital format should be available in all the institutes.
  • There must have full time qualified faculty members at the LIS institution.
  • The essential research facilities especially in the LIS department of public universities should be increased and there should have monthly research allowance for the faculty members so that they can accelerate their research work without facing any financial crisis.
  • It is recognized fact that the quality of degree from the first world countries is very high and they are providing quality education indeed. If more faculty members involved in LIS education in Bangladesh would get the facility to acquire their PhD degree from those developed countries, the LIS educators in Bangladesh get very much benefits from them (faculty member).
  • International collaboration like exchange of faculty members and students should be ensured both in Dhaka and Rajshahi University.
  • The government of Bangladesh and the concerned authority should be more sincere to establish the dignity and social status of LIS professionals by formulating appropriate and equal policy to the other professionals.
  • There should have the arrangement of seminar, symposia and conferences very frequently for greater cooperation among the professional skills and knowledge and would be capable of maintaining a global view and an appreciation of the importance of the field internationally.
  • The opportunity of LIS education in university level (both public and private) should be expanded to produce more qualified LIS professionals.


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