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Library Resource Sharing concepts.

Today, in an environment of information and publication explosion, it has become practically impossible for any library to remain self-reliant. In a situation of growing demands of the readers and depleting level of financial resources, no library is able to obtain all the material on demand.
Resource sharing is a method of overcoming these and other limitations of the individual libraries in respects of their resources by way of co-operation and co-ordination among the participating libraries.
Resource sharing is nothing but sharing of library resources be certain participating libraries among themselves on the basis of the principle of co-operation. This is applicable in the matter of use of documents, man-power, facilities, services, building space or equipment. In such a co-operative venture, it becomes possible for a user in any of the participating libraries to make use of the resources of not only his own library but also those of all the other participating libraries. Thus, through resource sharing, libraries can improve the total collection of reading materials, consolidate their technological capabilities, improve their information dissemination tool and extend their library and information services to a larger user community.
On demand, each participating library should voluntarily come forward to share its existing resources with the other participating libraries. So, in this system, each library is both a giver and a receiver. There is, thus, an imperative need to develop a spirit of co-operation among the librarians, information scientists and documentalists. This spirit of sharing the resources would entail the participant libraries are a system to benefit for advancing their individual goals and objectives.

Reference: Sujatha, G. (1999). Resource Sharing and Networking of University Libraries. Ess Ess Publications.



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