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Resource sharing in library : A brief information

Library Resource Sharing:

In the age of information explosion, no library however big or rich, able to satisfy all the needs of its users due to tremendous number document as well as information published every moment’s. The demands and needs of library users also changes from time to time, so the library get trouble to meet their users needs. To solve the problems of information explosion, the concept of resource sharing has been developed.
Resource Sharing
Resource Sharing is nothing but sharing of library resources with other participating libraries who need it. It is a type of library cooperation, where every participating libraries share their unused and sometime their valuable library resource’s with other library.

According to Chatterjee[1] “it will not merely mean mutual sharing of information sources available in different libraries, it will mean utilizing the information sources of one library for generating services by another library”.The goal of resource sharing is to maximize the availability of materials and services at the minimum expense. Library resource comprise man power, materials, functions, methods and services.

Goal of Resource Sharing in Library:
The effectiveness of library services largely depends on the ability of libraries to provide quick delivery of documents or books requested by library users within a minimum time and cost.The goals of resource sharing include:

  • Facilitating users to have better access to library collection and services.
  • Reduction in all round cost.
  • Exchange of library resources  and information to benefit users.
  • Enabling the users to be more aware regarding the resources not available in their own library.
  • Advocated support creative use of library information resources.
  • Create positive effect on library budget in term of cost or more services at lesser cost than can be undertaken individually.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary duplication of information resources and their processing and maintenance costs.
  • Provision of greater access to information resources to a wider category of users.
  • Development of specialised areas of collection building, each library concentrating on areas of its own concern.

Areas of Resource Sharing in Library:

Some common areas of resource sharing in Library and Information centres are:
  • Inter-library loan.
  • Cooperative acquisition.
  • Specialised purchasing program.
  • Centralized processing of library collection.
  • Shared cataloguing.
  • Sharing of bibliographical data.
  • Cooperative microfilming of library materials.
  • Preparation and maintenance of union catalogue and union list of serials.
  • Exchange of publications.
  • Exchange of library expertise and personnel.

Requirements for Resource Sharing in Library:

The process of resource sharing largely involves on two major factors. One is the availability of resources in library and the other is the sufficient numbers of library willing to join with resource sharing activities. The following are the some of basic requirements for effective resource sharing:
  • There should be a communication link or system between the cooperative libraries.
  • Most of all the libraries are willing to join with this resource sharing activities.
  • Necessary  technology and equipments should need to be available in the library.
  • Standardised library software, hardware and database for sharing of library resources.
  •  Operating policies on the type of information and archives, which users can access.
  • There should need an agreement, upon which the whole resource sharing activities may run.

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