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Role of Library in Society

Library and Modern Society: The role of Library in Society:

Library and society are inter-linked and inter-dependent with each others. Society without libraries has no significance, and libraries without society have no origin. To serve as a vehicle of social progress, the library plays a vital role :

  • To assemble, organize, preserve, socialize, and serve all expressed thought embodied as manuscripts, books, periodicals, their constituents documents, however minute, and every other similar document produced as a means for communication; and by this means;
  • To help in the transmission of knowledge of the earlier generations tothe later ones; and by this mean;
  • To help in cumulation and further building up of knowledge from generation to genLibrary Buildingeration; and in a similar way;
  • To help in the contemporary development of knowledge, by the unintended and purposeless repetition of effort and the consequent wastage in the research potential of humanity; and further
  • To conserve the research time of humanity by the separation of literature search from positive search; and also
  • To help in the perpetual self-education of one and all; and furthe
  • To collect together all available recorded information particularly in the form of reference books, and to socialize and serve freely all such information to each according to his needs at the moment; and by all such mean
  • To increase the economic resources of humanity to the extent necessary to maintain the ever-increasing population, in comfort and free from want of any kind; and also
  • To help in the mutually co-operating, and mutually tolerant peaceful co-existence of individuals, communities, and nations; and further
  • To help in the elevating, self-dependent use of leisure with the aid of freely served books, pictures, sound records, and other similar materials; and also
  • To help in increasing the opportunity for the spiritual awakening of one and all the members of humanity.

Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.


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