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Role of Library on Women Empowerment

Library and Women:

Public library may be transformed as a community centre with all types of services the society demands. Since these are the centre where the public can have easy access the facilities can be made available through Government funding. Libraries provide various kinds of information sources and services to enhance women. Libraries also play a vital role in decision making process by enriching women with proper information for taking right decision at right time. Education and training of women is considered in every developmental and educational plan. The essential means of stimulating economic and social developments are changing knowledge, to make the women educate and civilised, and as such the society requires an effective educational system and a good library.

Role of Library on Women Empowerment:

Role of library on Women Empowerment was not so much vigorous during earlier days but today. It is highly dynamic in nature because of the development of science and technology in society. The economic and social developments are changing, to make the women educate and civilized and as such the society requires an effective educational system and a good library. Without libraries there can be no good school, college, university and there can be life-long education of adults. An informal education begins and a life-long learning process is continued only with the help of adequate and proper library services. Public Library responded to the challenge to give exciting opportunity to empower the women.

1. Usage of library:

While analyzing the present scenario of literacy rate of women it is found that both literacy rate and the rate of entering into jobs in private and public sectors are increasing. Women are demanding more information in all the fields. This is mainly because of their empowerment which has enlightened the knowledge from the libraries

2. Usage of periodicals:
Periodicals are published in a continuous series at regular periods, and they are displayed prominently to the women readers and renewed when new issues are received. Periodicals are the one of the major sources to supply the latest information to the women and also some periodicals which have been published are concentrating on different matters regarding women.

3. Usage of Newspapers:
The Newspapers contain the various news in different areas in World, Nation, State and Local, and also provide feature articles and entertainment items. It is one of the information source to women at a cheaper rate and help to develop the knowledge. It provide current information in time without delay and bringing to achieve aims and objectives of women and colored supplements in order to attract more number of readers.

4. Usage of communication technology:
Communication technology accelerate the process of development and changes in the country as well as the women. In India threshold of new communication revolution of which satellite, computer, television and video are major manifestation. The whole country is technically knit together through satellite and television and can have women experience of joy, grief, information to women.

5. Improvement of Culture:
Libraries promote keen participation in reading and support in all the arts and promotion of culture. Library conduct the extension activities like lectures ,seminars, symposium, book exhibition and cultural gathering for their readers.

6. Promotion of Recreation:
Library encouraging the positive of leisure and providing and conducting extension activities for change and relaxation of their users. The library materials including Books, Magazine and Newspaper are facilities recreational reading to women, and also provides Audio visual material in performing arts which may also be organised in the library to make them real community centre

7. Promote the Desire of Books:
Library promote the reading habit of women to satisfy them and also promote the desire for books. Library made an attention to their women users to provide the books for their demands and making books available.

8. Decision Making Process:
Decision making is the important process on women empowerment and the library play a very important role in the women empowerment with socio-economic, culture and educational development of women. The process of decision making is by which the women take their family matters of education, occupation, dress and also including the marriage life of the their child.

9. Controlling Bad Habits:
Being a Social institution public libraries are conducted the various classes in various subject including health and mental problems and also motivate their users to become a good men with out bad habit.

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Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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