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Role of public library in the social development of a nation

The paintings, sculpture and other arts provided a first high way of communications in constructing the idea in its original form. But with the provision of books whether be it palm leaf swan together, the papyrus of sheepskin scroll or printed pages bound between covers, the book has given a permanent, easily accessible record of thought. What is more, it is compact and thus easy to transport. In the latest form, the book can be slipped into a pocket, carried in a purse, consulted whenever and wherever its user desires. Because of this prolific role of the book, the public library has been a great tool of social development of a Nation. Mobility has enabled the book to fulfill more completely its function as a means of reflection and relaxation, a link between cultures and peoples, a catalyst for action. Reading of a book (its action) at once initiates the society. The glorious illustrations and examples and footprints are the records of the past. These sources provide sources of the pleasure of pride, illustration across the time and tide of the society. In modern society, amid the technological marvels, the Printed Word is surely the simplest but never the less one of the most pervasive forces for a fuller social life. Social Development

Provided no one is deprived by illiteracy or other impediments, the advantages and pleasures inherent of Printed Word, just cannot be explained. That what is the role of the public library. The Public Library with new techniques of printing and distribution, technological revolution with paperback books and large scale print run have been meeting swelling demands for reading material to the innumerable public, those who need it. The mass-audience-book kept in public library has placed within the grasp of countless readers immense treasures of science and culture hitherto denied to them. This has led to diminishing the boundaries between the various forms of intellectual production. The paperback is the popular vehicle for popular fiction for educational material and as much for the classics as far technical handbooks and research publications, the public library has utilized them for social development of a Nation.

The rising level of education and an increase in leisure time have immensely broadened and widened the scope of book use in personal life or public library in modern times.

Further with the mounting of public relation activities in public libraries, the social awareness of the importance of reading matter has grown tremendously since 1972. The UNESCO has finally declared the year 1972 as the International Book year (IBY) to socialize the cause in a national way.

Posters, stamps, special publications, news from press, film, radio, T.V., views of millions of readers all over the world have helped the public libraries to socialize the development of the Nation.

Training and translations, easy availability of copies, photocopies have provided other means for social development activities of the Public Libraries.


Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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