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Skills and Knowledge Required for Information Professionals in ICT based Library

New Skills and Knowledge Required for Information Professionals:
Information sources and services being provided by libraries to their users need to adapt to the electronic information environment being experienced by most information end-users. In addition to the traditional library and information management skills, librarians now need to possess additional skills and experience, more so in the use of modern information and communication technologies, automated information service, electronic publishing, digital information management and knowledge management. New informational professional should acquire technological systems thinking, commitment to continuous improvement of skills, techniques and strategies and sensitivity to network environment. In modern ICT based library services, the information professionals handle various types of activities in relation to the use of computers and other new information technologies. Some of these are: handling and developing information storage and retrieval systems of specialized/local data and materials, managing different types of housekeeping operations, carrying out on-line searches for information users using modern equipment, exchanging local databases and sharing of resources through networking.
For the modern information service, technically qualified personnel will be required to provide access to database and databanks and to work in the exploitation of the resources of libraries. In a studyless system, the information personnel, who are familiar with the resources available in machine-readable form and with vocabularies, query languages, indexing and search strategies will be needed to exploit these resources most effectively and efficiently.

Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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