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Subject catalogue is made of entries for subjects arranged in alphabetical order. It is subject index to the collection of a library. Subject headings chosen from any standard list of subject headings or derived with the help of chain procedure are used as headings in it. It can be in classified form also. Main function of this type of catalogue is:

  • to facilitate availability of a book of which subject is known, and
  • to inform as to how many and which books are available in the library on a given subject.

Subject catalogue is “any catalogue arranged by subjects, whether in alphabetical or classified order.” – Harrods Librarian’s Glossary and Reference Book.

Subject cataloguing is “that part of cataloguing which involves the allocation of subject headingsto entries for specific books or other documents.” -Harrods Librarian’s Glossary and Reference Book.


Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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