Digital Materials

  • Future of Digital Libraries

    The interaction of the users with multiple information sources provided by a digital library would continue to be a focus on the future. The mythical “paperless society” “Library: a place to space” is still a debatable aspects of library and information science profession of the aftermath of the Internet and ICT revolution. Since its invention more than five centuries, the paper has served as one…

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  • Impact of e-resources and services on higher education and research

    E- Resources and it’s Services in Library: E- Resources and services are resources in which information is stored electronically and which are accessible through electronic systems and networks. E- Resources and services is a very broad term that includes a variety of different publishing models, including OPACs, CD-ROMs, online database, e-journals, e-books, internet resource, print—on—demand (POD), e-mail publishing, wireless publishing, electronic link and web publishing…

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  • About Electronic Journal (E-Journal)

    Electronic Journal E-journals are the simple electronic representation of a journal. In most cases, they replicate exactly the printed version of the journal, occasionally including additional information (such) as interactive graphs or external links), but in some cases there is no parallel print sources as the journal was ‘born digital’. Any journal available on Internet can be called and electronic journal’. It may or may…

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  • Electronic Publishing

    Introduction: Information is an intellectual resource that has the capacity to change the image of the society. Consequently, large investments are being made by government all over the world on information technology industry for generating, processing and disseminating the information. Most of the scientific research literature today is coming on an array if information resources, such as floppies, magnetic tapes, internet, websites, CD ROMs, the…

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  • Digitization and Library

    Digitization (Definition): “Digitization refers to the process of translating a piece of information such as book, sound recording, picture or video into bits. Bits are the fundamental units of information in a computer systems. Turning information into these binary digits is called digitization” Digitization is one of the hot topics in librarianship today. To build a ‘digital library’ requires that the content of a collection…

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  • Digital Preservation and Library

    Preservation of Digital Resources: Digital preservation is a process by which data is preserved in digital form in order to ensure usability, durability and intellectual integrity of the information contained therein. A more precise definition as given by Kelly (1999), “The storage, maintenance, and accessibility of digital object (include any digital material such as a text document, an image file, a multimedia CD-ROM or a…

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  • Digital Library as a Community

    library is more than books and bricks. If it is successful, is supports a sense of community among its users, as an archive of its collective knowledge and as a resource for its future. Yet digital libraries thus far have tended to be digitized versions of card catalogs, books and journals, and as such do not evoke a sense of community. But digital libraries might…

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  • English

    The concept of digital divide

    What is Digital Divide?                 The term ‘digital divide’ describes the fact that the world can be divided into people who do and people who don’t have access to – and the capability to use – modern information technology, such as the telephone, television, or the Internet. The digital divide exists between those in cities and those in rural areas. The digital divide also exists…

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  • Digital Preservation

    Digital Preservation Digital Preservation is the current trend in all modern libraries and archives. It is recognized as a vital part of managing information in digital format. A number of libraries have thus started to invest intensive research and development to provide solutions that allow us to maintain digital objectives accessible. Most of these solutions, how ever, are aimed at larger institution which have a…

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