• Text Analysis and Mining

    1.1 Text Analysis and Mining: Text Mining is the process of deriving high quality information from data in the form of text written in natural languages. It is also referred to as text engineering, text data mining or text analytics (Grimes, 2007). It invokes statistical algorithms, natural language technologies, high speed computing and ability to handle large amounts of data in successfully developing and applying…

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  • Government Publications

    Introduction: According to the United States Code (44 U.S.C. 1901), a government publication may be described to be as “… details that are printed as a unique record for which money is spent by the Government, or as needed legally.” In India, thanks to the presence of the central ministries including the parliament and divisions at both state and domestic levels, the government collectively produces…

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  • Unicode

    Unicode is a standard that aims to maintain a universal consistency in representing the characters as integers, and thus provides the basis for processing, storing and interchanging the text data in any language. The standard has been well accepted by a majority of the modern software and information technology protocols, since it has been able to cover the needs of almost all users by including…

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