Knowledge Management

  • Photo of Knowledge and Knowledge Management

    Knowledge and Knowledge Management

    Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems: An Overview 1.1 Knowledge: The word knowledge is described as “justified true belief.” In a psychological context, whenever one thinks an idea is generated, which when conserved by human mind gives rise to knowledge. Ever since the man has become the thinker, knowledge has been growing (Husain, 2005). Knowledge is a part of a gamut of data, information, knowledge,…

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  • Photo of Knowledge Diffusion

    Knowledge Diffusion

    Knowledge Diffusion 1.0 Introduction: Many times, we have heard the term viral. Yes, we know that this is very common terminology used in medical sciences usually denoting the spread of an epidemic. In recent times it is often used for spreading of any multimedia content such as video, image, artwork through the internet using social media platforms. In simple words, the term means it is…

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  • Photo of Knowledge Diffusion Models

    Knowledge Diffusion Models

    Knowledge Diffusion Models The knowledge diffusion research examines how the new knowledge is diffused (spread) in the society. The knowledge is get diffused in the form of ideas, innovations, technology, products or practices, influencing the individual adopters. The knowledge is adopted by the adopters in time gaps as the adopters are reluctant to adopt new knowledge until and unless they are satisfied that new knowledge…

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  • Photo of Knowledge Taxonomy and Ontology

    Knowledge Taxonomy and Ontology

    The term taxonomy is popularly used in Science. Owing to the amount of content generated in other fields, the use of this term is increasing in other branches of knowledge as well. As the fundamental role, taxonomy categorizes the subjects into subsets of knowledge on the basis of description, nomenclature, identification of the learning concept. Thus, taxonomy facilitates searching; categorization and standardization of content, one…

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