Knowledge Transformation

Knowledge and it’s types

Knowledge Knowledge is a shared collection of principles, facts, skills, and rule. More specifically, organizational knowledge aids decision-making, b

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Scientific Knowledge.

What Is Scientific Knowledge? The purpose of science is to create scientific knowledge.  Scientific knowledge refers to a generalized body of laws and

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What is Knowledge

Knowledge Knowledge is not a fresh concept, from very early times people have communicated knowledge from one generation to next, in the form of songs

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Knowledge Classification

Meaning of Knowledge Classification? The universe of knowledge consists of an infinite number of entries which are now unknown. Those which are unknow

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Knowledge society definition

What is the Knowledge Society? knowledge Society: The term knowledge society refers to a society in which the creation, dissemination, and utilization

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Types of Knowledge

Types of Knowledge: Philosophers typically divide knowledge into three categories: i. Personal, ii. Procedural, and iii.Propositional. It is the last

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