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  • Library SciencePhoto of Digitization and digital preservation

    Digitization and digital preservation

    What is Digitization? Witten and David (2003) defined digitization as the process of taking traditional library materials, that are in the form of books and papers and converting them to the electronic form, where they can be stored and manipulated by a computer. This basically involves changing analog data into a digital form, so that it is easier to access and also has a long…

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  • Library SciencePhoto of Preservation and Conservation of Library Materials

    Preservation and Conservation of Library Materials

    1.1 Introduction: The present world is fast changing from the industrial world to the information world. It requires speedy, accurate, ready and reliable information. A large amount of information is being generated every moment. The information has become a strategic raw material and a dominating factor in decision making and execution. Information is and will be a primordial need for each individual in this world.…

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  • EnglishPhoto of Periodical service in college libraries

    Periodical service in college libraries

    1.0 College libraries: Higher education is one of the complex systems of the whole process of education, which facilitates teaching, research, extension, and understanding. In academic education, college is the middle of the school and university. So College library is most important for young generations, for developing ideas. (periodical) 1.1) Definitions: College: “The dictionary of education edited by C.V. Good defines the term ‘college’ as:…

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  • EnglishPhoto of Serial Acquisition in Library

    Serial Acquisition in Library

    “Serial acquisition and ordering is the most difficult phase of serials management. A number of channels and alternatives are found in the field. To obtain periodicals through appropriate channels is the responsibilities devolve not only on the librarian but also on those who are engaged in library management. Basically, there are six means of acquiring periodicals to libraries 1) By purchase from a local bookshop…

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  • GeneralPhoto of Government Publications

    Government Publications

    Introduction: According to the United States Code (44 U.S.C. 1901), a government publication may be described to be as “… details that are printed as a unique record for which money is spent by the Government, or as needed legally.” In India, thanks to the presence of the central ministries including the parliament and divisions at both state and domestic levels, the government collectively produces…

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  • Library SciencePhoto of Electronic Resources VS Printed Resources

    Electronic Resources VS Printed Resources

    Difference Between Electronic Resources and Printed Resources Many resources are available in electronic format (on CD ROM or online via web or dial-up access) as well as in print (hard copy). The same resource in multiple formats should be purchased only if they satisfy the needs of different user groups and have an advantage in searching the database as the cost is a constraint. A…

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  • Library SciencePhoto of Importance of Book Selection Policy in Library

    Importance of Book Selection Policy in Library

    Importance of Selection Policy: Selection Policy enables a library to achieve quality, objectivity, and consistency in the process of selection and ensures that resources satisfy the information needs of the customers. Some libraries have separate selection and acquisition policies, while others put selection policy as a part of the acquisition policy. Selection policy may include the following: (i) Core Collection: It includes resources that are…

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  • BarCode

    A set of parallel lines of varied thicknesses and space on products sold in supermarkets. The lines represent alphanumerical characters which can be recognized and interpreted by an optical scanner. The code represented by bars is known as Universal Product Code. It is specially designed label consisting of closely spaced lines of varying widths which is used to encode a numeric identifier. A typical bar…

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  • EnglishPhoto of Authority File

    Authority File

    A list of the headings selected for use in a catalogue, compiled as an official work of reference by the cataloguers for use in the cataloguing department. The file registers are approved form of each heading to eliminate further search if the same heading be required again for the cataloguing of later books. Name of persons, places, corporate bodies, conventional titles of anonymous works, series…

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  • Electronic Resources and its Evaluation Criteria in Library

    What is Electronic Resources? In present situation the global communication and information transfer is easiest one. WWW and Internet are the most two important tool which is supporting for communication and Information transfer. The data are available in all the fields are huge amount for all users of internet. Now a days the information transfer is simple and which is possible by the rapid growth…

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