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    Resource Sharing in Library Collection Development

    Resource sharing is an important concept of library collection development. It has played an important role in the formation of consortia in library management. It has replaced the earlier traditional concept of space, limited budget, and highest cost and as an economic means. An independent library cannot satisfy the need of users. So this problem has been overcome by the use of resource sharing. Resource…

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  • Importance of preservation of library materials

    Preservation is recognized as a virtually necessary component of collection development and an area of librarianship that concerns all libraries. Books, millions of books are falling apart. Librarians have increasingly become aware of the impermanence of their collections. Every librarian faces a considerable range of library materials books, prints, maps, micro-forms, photographs, sound recordings, films, videotape, disks that are in various stages of deterioration. The…

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  • Brief overview of Different Library Services

    Library Services: A library is a service provider institution and the university library is no exception to it. University library is spring of knowledge and information provided will always be valued at a premium. In the modern significantly and socially vigilant society, especially when the grains of right to information are gaining much currency, the university libraries are sanguinely expected to be more responsive and…

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  • Collection Development and Library

    Collection development is systematic planning and rational building of library material. The term includes all activities involved in assessing the users’ need, evaluating the present collection, determining the selection policy, coordinating the selection of items, re-evaluating and storing parts of the collection and planning for resource sharing. It is not a single activity, but an agglomeration of activities (Parameswaran, 1997). Similarly ALA Glossary of Library…

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  • Electronic Resources and its Evaluation Criteria in Library

    What is Electronic Resources? In present situation the global communication and information transfer is easiest one. WWW and Internet are the most two important tool which is supporting for communication and Information transfer. The data are available in all the fields are huge amount for all users of internet. Now a days the information transfer is simple and which is possible by the rapid growth…

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  • Electronic Resources Vs Traditional Resources in Library

    One of the important criterions of any research is to evaluate information sources. In this aspect both print and e-resources are made evaluation with the factors such as updating, references, citations, convenience of reading and etc. The most revolutions of information communication technology has forced to libraries for using resources. There is lots of difference between print and traditional resources at the time of usage.…

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  • Categories of Library Resources (Traditional and Electronic Resources)

    Diffrent types of Library Resources Library resources are generally categorized in to two types based on its features and mode of usage. They are: 1) Traditional Resource; 2) Electronic Resource 1. Traditional Resources: Generally resources are included a person, asset, material, or capital which is support to fulfill the task or any assignment. Similarly library resources consist of manpower of library and reading material like…

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  • English

    Factors and Processes of Library and Information Resource Development

    Factors and Processes of Library and Information Resource Development: The main function of librarianship is the development of library resources. The primary purpose of the librarian is to start, build up, develop and organize a collection of library and information resources. These meet the needs, interests and demands of the libraries clientele. The purpose of resource development is to provide the right materials to the…

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