The concept of Web OPACs is recent origin and it is serving as a gateway to the resources not only held by the respective library but also to the holdings of other participating libraries without to local collection but going, beyond further to regional , national, international levels. It allows users to interact with documents […]

Over the past decade, ever-increasing number of libraries is in the process of abandoning the traditional card catalogue as a means of access to their collections and switching over to computer-based catalogue. This phenomenon is characterized as transition from manual methods to mechanical method in the design and development of Online Catalogues, it knows as […]

The Information Explosion has revolutionized the thinking and outlook of the librarians during the recent years. This phenomenon has triggered a series of changes posing corresponding challenges necessitating the re-examination of technical policies of library and information centers. Traditionally, one of the keys to retrieve the information has been the catalogue along with classification. The […]

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