Patent: An overview

1.0 Introduction: A patent is defined as a grant by the sovereign or state to an inventor or to the assignee giving exclusive rights to make use, exer

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Thesaurus : An overview

1.0 Definition of Thesaurus: Derivationally the word thesaurus originated from the Greek language and symbolized the concept of treasury or storehouse

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Bibliometrics The term bibliometrics is derived from “biblion” (Gr.): book and “metron” (Gr.): measure; and introduced by Prit

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Content Analysis

Content Analysis in Research

Introduction: Content analysis is a method for summarizing any form of content by counting various aspects of the content. This enables a more objecti

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Citation Analysis

1.1 Introduction: Bibliometrics is a set of measurement techniques which usually used with the application of mathematical and statistical methods to

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Research Collaboration Attributes

Research Collaboration

1. Collaboration Although human mind has some incredible ability to generate and execute new knowledge. But this fact should be realized that an indiv

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The Concept of Citation

Concept of Citation: Citation is a list in alphabetical order in an end section, which is regularly called “end-text citations” “ref

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