• Classification

    Thesaurus : An overview

    1.0 Definition of Thesaurus: Derivationally the word thesaurus originated from the Greek language and symbolized the concept of treasury or storehouse of knowledge. The Webster’s dictionary has defined thesaurus as, ‘a useful literary collection or selection especially a book of synonyms and antonyms.’ (Webster, 1987). The Unesco has defined the thesaurus as, ‘a vocabulary of controlled indexing language formally organized so that the a priori…

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  • General

    Thesaurus Construction and its Role in Indexing

    Thesaurus 1.1 Introduction: A thesaurus is a representation of keywords associated with a subject domain(s). It is also known as a tool for vocabulary control that guides indexers as well as end users to know the use of terms and helps in improving the quality of search results. Generally, a thesaurus is designed for indexing and subsequent retrieval of documents in a specific subject domain.…

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