The Seven Tables of DDC

You already know that DDC consist of seven tables. For your detail information all of the tables and their mnemonic values are discussed in below:

Table-1 : Standard Sub-division:
The  notations of this tables are huge to express the point of view from and intend of huge of any subject field.
The symbol are sub-divided from -01-09. Basically this notation are added to the base numbers by omitting the dash (-) to make a complite class number wherever necessary.
whenever the notation or symbols of this table are added to any main class of the schedules it express the same meaning always.

For Example:

  • Manuals of Physics 530.202
  • Manuals of Social Science 302.02

(530 is main class & .0202 always implies as standard sub-division. 530= Physics, 300= Social Science)
Here -0202 always imply the same things i.e. manual, which is mnemonic.

Table-2 : Areas:
The Notation of table 2 represent the geographical area of the world. The intend of the notation of this table to add with main class and indicates the areas.
For Example:

  • Political situation of Bangladesh – 320.95492
  • Bank and Banking in Bangladesh – 332.1095492

this .5499 always indicate Bangladesh, so we may call it mnemonic.

Table-3 : Sub-division of individual literature:
Literary works are written and published in different form i.e. poetry, fiction, drama, etc. The notation or symbols of the table are used to express the affordable form of literature. Moreover after adding with any main class of the schedules it always expresses the same meaning.
For Example:

  • Bangla Fiction – 891.443
  • English Fiction – 823

here -3 imply fiction in each contrast, which is mnemonic.

Table-4 : Sub-division of Individual Languages:
Basically problems of language are expresses wit the help of the notation of this table. It may be Spelling, Grammar, Pronunciation etc. This type of notation only use to indicate language pass.
For Example:

  • Bangla Grammar – 491.445
  • English Grammar – 425

So -5 is always indicating grammar which is mnemonic.

Table-5 : Racial, Ethnic and National Groups:
The symbol or notation are use to represent race, ethnic and nations. This symbol are added main class and express the racial and national groups of any work.
For Example:

  • Ethnopsychology of Bangalies – 155.849144
  • Bangalies Social Structure – 305.89144

here -9144 stands for Bangaili which is mnemonic.

Table-6 : Language:
To express the translate language, the medium of language, and the influential languages over another language, the symbols of this table or notation is use.
For Example:

  • Koran in Bangla – 297.12259144
  • Bible in Bangla – 220.59144

In this context 9144 always represents Bangla Language which is mnemonic.

Table-7 : Person:
Notations in this table covers various categories of person who may be either male (-041), Female (-042), School Children (-044), Adults (-056) and so on and who may from part of the subject content of the book in hand for classification.
For Example:
  • Ceramic Arts by Academician – 738.0901
  • Painting by Academician – 750.0901

here – 0901 always imply academician in both cases and we may call it mnemonic



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