Traditional Methods of CAS and SDI

There are traditional ways of disseminating information in the library to a target group or individual interest. It is important that librarians knows the right information services to provide in order to satisfy information needs of library users. The traditional CAS and SDI services rendered by libraries are as follows:

  • Display of newly acquired materials on the display racks in the library for people to view it.
  • Display of table of contents of newly acquired books and pasted on the notice board at strategic places.
  • Newspaper cuttings arranged in an album or in a file in an office cabinet. Creating this awareness helps researchers and library users to have access to current information and development in their area of interest.
  • Alerting heads of department when new materials in special areas for some departments are acquired. The libraries inform the faculty members through their heads of department about the new materials acquired that might be useful to their courses of study.
  • Compilation of bibliographies, reading list, indexing and abstracting of books.
  • Publishers also engage in CAS and SDI when new books are produced and their catalogues sent to their various departments, showing them new publications from their company. The catalogue could be general one containing all the publications and it could also be on subject area.Compilation of bibliographies in different subject areas are prepared and displayed on the shelves for uses to consult.


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Md. Ashikuzzaman

Work at North South University Library, Bangladesh.

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