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Type of questions and sources of information in ready reference service

Type of questions and sources of information in ready reference service: 


Ready reference service is also called fact-finding service, because it mainly deals with answering fact-finding type of question. There are different types of questions asked in ready reference service; such questions are called “ready reference questions.” The basic quality of all ready reference questions is that they are simple, brief and easy to answer from ready reference tools without any loss of time.
Louis Shores has categorized these questions and sources of information as under:
Class of question   Sample types Representative sources
1. Language Definition, spelling, abbreviation, symbols, foreign terms, usage. Dictionary
2. Background “Something about,” general information, self-education. Encyclopedia
3. Trend Current events, past year’s developments, recent happenings. Yearbook, Serial
4. People Notables, specialists, socialites, others Biographical Dictionary
5. Places Locations, descriptions, distances Gazetteer, Atlas
6.Organizations Addresses, purposes Directory
7. Facts Curiosities, statistics, events, formulas,, allusions. Handbook
8. Bibliography Reviews, Best books, subject literature. National, trade, subject Bibliography
9. Activities “How to do”, “How to make” Manual
10. illustrations Pictures, Cartoons, Slides, films, recordings Audio-visual material

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