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Types of Bibliographies

There are many types of bibliographies and the leading bibliographies defer slightly in the names they assign to its various branches. There are primarily, of two kinds.

  1. General bibliography;
  2. Special bibliography.


1. General Bibliography : It comprises :

  • i. Universal Bibliography (through earlier it was only at an ideal, presently the technology has almost made it a practical proposition);
  • ii. Language bibliography;
  • iii. National bibliography; and
  • iv. Regional bibliography.

2. Special bibliography : This includes :

  • i. Subject bibliography;
  • ii. Author and bio-bibliographies;
  • iii. Bibliography of forms of literature;
  • iv. Bibliography of materials of particular periods;
  • v. Bibliographies of special categories of literature; and
  • vi. Bibliographies of specific types of materials.

Current and retrospective bibliographic, primary and secondary bibliographies and bibliographies of bibliographies are other categories. But every type is not strictly called a bibliography. For example, a list of periodical articles is an index. Similarly, we have concordances, calendars, wiscographies, pictographies, directories and so on..



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