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Types of Resource Sharing in Library

The bilateral exchange model, the pooling model, the dual service model and the service center model are the four types of resource sharing models in vogue today.
  • In the bilateral exchange model, materials are exchanged between two participating libraries. In practice, where such an exchange is found, the exchange rate is usually calculated upon a proportional basis, according to some agreed-upon value (e.g. one of one, two for one).
  • The second model is a multilateral development of the first, and can be called, for convenience, the poling model. In this model, more than two libraries contribute to the draw from, a pool of materials.
  • The third is called dual-service model. It is one in which two or more participating libraries take advantage of the facilities of one of the participants to produce a common output-for instance, a union list. The term “dual-service” is proposed both to distinguish this model from the next, and to emphasize the fact that all participants, including the facilitator, contribute to the common output.
  • The last model is known as Service Center. The model is one in which a number of libraries employ the services of a facilitating participants to input the process materials for individual purpose rather than to the end of a common output. Hence, it is called the service-center model.

While the facilitator may be merely a service bureau, and not otherwise employ its own facilities, the model holds under the pricing conditions which will be stipulated for this type of co-operation.

Reference: Sujatha, G. (1999). Resource Sharing and Networking of University Libraries. Ess Ess Publications.



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