Various aids and guide of book selection

Aids and guide of book selection for library:

A wise book selector can be a great satisfaction to a librarian. Due to the both of literature selection of library materials has become more difficult and complicated. So to select a best out of the vast selection, book selection tools are indispensable aids. In selection of library materials, selector needs information on new and forthcoming  materials, general and scientific  interest as well as retrospective materials. The information guidance can be obtained from selection aids.
  • Various guides and aids in book selection in a library:
There are many book selection aids in book tread market. They also vary to in three types as following:

  •   i) Before publication of book;
  •  ii) At the time of publication;
  • iii) After publication.
1. Before publication of the books: There are various sources used for selection of books in the library.
  • ‘Publisher Weekly’ ‘Library Journal’ ‘Forthcoming books’ provide advance notices of the book.
  • ‘Karkus Reviews’ carries informative reviews approximately six week before publication.
  • Book review selection of library journals publishes review by expert librarian.
2. At the time of publication of the books:
  • Titles appear in the ‘Weekly Records’ of “Publisher Weekly” if the writer (publisher) has given a copy in advance of publication.
  • ‘Weekly book review section’ of newspapers likes ‘New York Times’ ‘Washington Post’ local and other Metropolitan Newspaper also publish book reviews.
  • Weekly periodicals like ‘Times’ ‘New York’ etc also published book reviews.
3. After publication of the books:
  • ALA (American Library Association) guide to current books if the book list of after publication.
  • Book review digest of H.W. Wilson company list current and lively reviews.
  • ‘General Periodicals’ and notably “Atlantic and Harpers’ have excellent book reviews section.
  • Scholarly journals contains critical book reviews.

Other dependable sources are,

  1. ALA Catalogue.
  2. Wilson Catalogue.
  3. Public Library Catalogue.
  4. Catalogue of LAMONT library.
  5. Shaw’s list of books for college libraries.


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