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Vasrious approaches of Information

Four approaches of information: Information is an assemble of data in a comprehensive from recorded on paper or some other medium and capable of communication. According to the needs and nature we found four approaches of information:
  1. Current approach,
  2. Everyday approach,
  3. Exhaustive approach,
  4. Catching up or Brushing approach.
1. Current approach:
Every active reader has to keep himself aware of current development of his specific field of work/ study, particularly where developments are made with great speed. He, is such cases, consults periodicals, going through abstract journals etc.
2. Everyday approach:
This approach is frequent need of Research worker, in the course of his investigation, for specific peace of information, such as date, method, formula. The nature of information is very specific and needs a quick answer. Librarians call it “Short Range Reference Service’. Because of its frequency of occurrence, it is called “Everyday approach”.
3. Exhaustive approach:
In this approach, research worker depend on documents, which attracts the attention of documentatists. A documentation list of other bibliographical lists provides exhaustive information on a special field of subject or its area. Such approache is occassional.
4. Catching up approach:
It is more still more occasional. sometimes the research worker needs information of the subject area  which is not a area of his over interest. But needs information to supplement his studies on his specific subject area or the area of interest. This is likely to be area in which he is not an expert. In such situation, the research worker expects to have a communication channel or device which will help him quickly catching up with the subject.


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