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Needs of ICT in Library

 Why  is ICT needed in Libraries?
Various factors have contributed to bring about change from traditional to ICT based library operations. Basically ICT is needed in libraries for the following two main reasons:
In term of various problems faced by traditional libraries systems:
The manual performances od library functions were getting difficult because of the following main reasons:
  • The size of recorded information is ever growing whereas space available in the disposal of each library is limited. No library can think of getting additional space every year, although the collection will grow continuously;
  • Due to knowledge explosion, the society is faced with multifaceted and multidimensional information to such an extent that not only its storage has created challenge, but the organization of this bulk of information has also become unwieldy;
  • Library operations, due to potential growth of information, could take many hours to perform manually;
  • Due to information explosion, all sorts of housekeeping jobs and information works can be performed by manually with less effective and less accuracy.
In terms of various facilities provided by computers and related technologies:
The advantages of using computers and other telecommunication media and devices in managing libraries are manifold. Some of the advantages are as follows:
  1. Speed: A computer can caries out an instruction in less than a millionth of second. Searching of information compilation of bibliographies, preparation of current awareness bulletins, indexing and sorting can be processed by a computer in a few hours. 
  2. Storage: Human brain can store pieces of information to some limitation whereas computers can store voluminous data. 
  3. Accuracy: Computers can perform various functions of ICT based library very accurately. 
  4. Reliability: Computers and all related technologies have long life if maintained properly. The data gathered in it are reliable. 
  5. Repetitiveness: A computer can be used repetitively to process information. 
  6. Compactness: The present day computers are laptop/waptop/palmtop, which do not occupy more space.


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